20 min.

Archaeological site of rare beauty. You visit the temple, situated on a hill behind which develops a canyon, and the Teatro atop Mount Barbaro where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Gulf.

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Tonnara di Scopello

20 min.

The Tonnara is a small architectural gem nestled in a landscape of exceptional beauty. At the foot of the village of Scopello, with its beautiful cliffs and rich fishing grounds, should not miss a dip in its waters. In its territory there was the mythical city of Cetaria (land of tuna), mentioned in the works of Ptolemy and Pliny for the exceptional abundance of tuna in its sea. The last fishing season was in 1984.

Zingaro Nature Reserve

30 min.

Area of protected coastline. Pebble beaches with crystal clear water. Prohibition to boats and fishing. In the less hot season is fascinating the path that connects the two entrances of the reserve. Breathtaking views and scents of the Mediterranean.

Cathedral of Monreale

40 min.

Visit inevitable. One of the rarest jewels of the Italian artistic heritage, surprising success of the meeting of cultural universes Islamic, Byzantine, Romanesque: the Norman Cathedral with Sicilian-Venetian mosaics and the Benedictine cloister. 

Palatine Chapel, Palermo

40 min.

Masterpiece Art Norman. The Palatine Chapel in Palermo is the highest example, in terms of historical, artistic, coexistence between cultures, religions and ways of thinking apparently irreconcilable. In its construction were involved Byzantine workers, Latin and Muslim, the latter executed the ceiling muqarnas, valuable and unique example in the world of Islamic decorative paintings with representations of human figures in a place of worship.


45 min.

One of the major archaeological sites in Sicily. The area to visit is very wide. Includes various temples, remains of walls, streets and monumental buildings witnesses grade wealth reached from Selinunte. The Acropolis overlooking the beautiful beach, where in 650 BC, landed settlers of Megara Hyblaea, a Greek city in eastern Sicily, who founded the Greek outpost farther west of the island.


50 min.

Charming village founded by the Elimi, place atop Mount Sant’Angelo about 800 meters, from which you can admire views of the Egadi Islands, the salt marshes and the city of Trapani. The charming atmosphere of steep cobbled streets, churches and flower-filled courtyards is made even more unique unreal momentary fog, created by passing clouds, which often envelops the city.